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BMS touch control screen wiring tutorial(Take 14 series 60A protection board as an example)

1. Material preparation

(1) The number of Daly software protection boards: 1pcs.

(2)The number of Dali BMS touch screens: 1.pcs.

(3)Special connection line for touch screen.

(4)Protection board and display connection port

(5)The factory default of the smart BMS touch screen is UART communication with the protection board. When communicating with the screen, it cannot be combined with Bluetooth or

   It is GPS, if you need to use it at the same time, please contact the sales staff to customize the development.

   The touch screen is divided into three screens:

   The first screen can display-total battery voltage, temperature, remaining power, real-time current, battery string number, MOS switch.

  The second screen-mainly displays the detailed voltage of each string, which is convenient to find the position of the lowest or highest voltage. And the pressure difference.

The third screen-the most core screen

Some important parameters of the software protection board can be modified

The first parameter we have to set is the capacity of the battery pack.

If you encounter problems in the setting column, you can contact the sales staff to solve it!

Thank you!

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