Intelligent board computer operation tutorial R05/R10 series

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Daly official PC download address:
Alternate Google Cloud Disk Download URL:

After clicking the link to download the host computer, unzip the file to get

①Double-click this application and click Next

②Click one more step

③Then click next

④Then click next

⑤After clicking close, the installation is successful. An icon will appear on the desktop.


1.1Double-click BMS Tool to enter the host computer interface

PS: In the management center of the computer, check the corresponding COM port (comX will disappear when unplugged, and comX will be displayed again when plugged in)

1.2 Click OPEN COM, the following interface will appear, and then click OK to enter the main interface of the software.


 1.3Enter the main interface of the PC upper computer

In Option①, the language can be set here, and the language can be set to Chinese here. Click Scan All② to read the battery data

1.4 Scan the data to get the interface of the total data, this is a 4-string battery pack

1.5 In the MCU interface, you can set the system parameters

1.5.1  The charging parameters in the MCU can be set to the following parameters

1.5.2  Discharge parameters

1.5.3  Calibration parameters




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