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Daly Android Revision APP download address:  https://www.dalyelec.cn/daly/bms_V4.2.apk


1. Open the APP and enter the login interface, which is divided into "individual users" and "group users"; group users are users assigned by the company or merchants to themselves.


2. For the first time, please click to register. Pay attention to enter the device number (number on Bluetooth or click the camera to scan the QR code to enter directly)


3. The main interface after logging in (this APP integrates GPS function into one, if the smart board is not equipped with GPS, directly click BMS to enter the BMS interface)


4. Click "BMS" and enter "Real-time status interface", you can see the linked device number and running time, as well as all important information of the battery pack.


5. Click "Dynamic Data", the battery SOC, total voltage, and current will appear. And you can switch the time to see the historical data of the battery


6. Click "Parameter Setting" to enter the parameter setting interface. You can set the parameters you want.


6.1 Cell characteristic parameter setting interface


6.2 Protection parameter setting interface


6.3 Collection board setting interface (this interface is generally not set)


6.4 Temperature protection setting interface


6.5 Balance control setting interface


6.6 Charge and discharge control interface


6.7 system interface


7.Alarm information interface, where alarm information will be recorded





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